Key Considerations

Lutz Financial won’t simply help you develop a financial plan – we’ll help you implement the plan and adjust as necessary. We don’t see our interactions with our clients as a one-time deal. Rather, we develop a lifelong relationship with our clients to ensure their financial success. Selecting a financial planner should not be a quick decision. Ask critical questions to ensure the wealth management firm you choose is the best choice for your unique needs.


Does your advisor have the academic and professional experience necessary to successfully guide you toward your financial goals? Lutz Financial boasts a team of financial planners with exceptional academic credentials and impressive professional experience. We are accustomed to serving clients who are busy, successful, and who have or will accumulate significant wealth.


Does your financial planner stay on top of continuing education to maintain skills? In addition to our CFP® designations and stringent continuing education requirements of 30 hours every two years, we stay on top of the newest regulations and strategies by studying a variety of tax, investment, and financial planning publications.


What process does your financial planner use to review your current financial situation in order to present personalized recommendations? We offer a systematic, ongoing planning process that focuses on your financial goals. We will never overload you with mind-numbing questionnaires or piles of paperwork. Instead, we take the time to listen to your concerns and carefully analyze your current and projected financial status. Only after this can we provide you with solid recommendations that will lead you toward your goals.


Can your financial planner provide you access to all the services, products and ideas you need? Our support system includes a long list of bankers, accountants, attorneys, trust officers and other professionals who work to ensure that your financial plan is being executed effectively.


What does my fee actually pay for? We are a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor. Our fully-disclosed transparent flat fee is charged for the financial planning and asset management services we perform.


How often do you see your financial planner? Lutz Financial establishes a “serving” schedule that is unique to each client based on their needs. We discuss your financial plan in face-to-face meetings, which typically entails meeting twice a year but can vary depending on the needs of the client.

We have a financial planning process that focuses on you and your financial goals.


The Process

Lutz Financial creates a comprehensive plan that addresses your immediate and long-term goals. You are an active member in the initial stages of creating this plan – it is a personalized plan that is developed with your unique goals in mind.


Discovery Meeting

This first meeting allows us to assess your current situation, financial goals, and your feelings regarding capital markets. This process of gathering information is then translated into the data that sets the stage for future meetings where we delve more deeply into your personalized plan.


Financial Planning Meeting(s)

We take a variety of critical areas into account during financial planning meetings. The number of financial planning meetings varies depending upon each client. We will never waste your time and we will always ensure that your concerns are heard.


Let us help you craft a financial future that grows and flourishes into a secure legacy.

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